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Adhering to the business philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation, quality first, service first", the company focuses on the production of pvdc composite food packaging bags and provides pvdc composite film solutions.
The company's whole industry chain model The company's main R & D and production of Pvdc composite food packaging bags, both R & D, production and sales of sustainable planning and development of the whole industry chain, has its own production base and R & D center, to the preservation material pvdc composite film research and development as the main body, innovation as the driving force, committed to providing high barrier food packaging bags for the food industry.
Our team In 2023, the company has reached the global leading level, and researchers from the National Nano Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the General Research Institute of Chemical Science and Technology of Sinochem have cooperated to complete the technological breakthrough of fresh-keeping materials. The inner membrane of food packaging bag is PVDC composite film obtained by PVDC and PE multi-layer co-extrusion, which can efficiently maintain the freshness, taste and safety of food and extend the shelf life of food.
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Technical Barriers To Fresh-keeping Materials
At present, we are the first company in the world to apply PVDC materials to the research and development of plastic bags At present, we are the first company in the world that can solve the multi-layer supply process of PVDC
Precisely control the multi-layer co-extrusion process to achieve high performance bonding:

Precisely control the thickness, distribution and performance of each layer of material to ensure that each layer is tightly combined to avoid delamination and maintain the overall stability of the film. The film has excellent barrier property, mechanical strength and heat sealing property.

Barrier performance optimization technology:

Achieve high barrier, reduce the permeability to oxygen, water vapor, odor, etc., better protect the products in the package, extend the shelf life.

Material formula innovation, support customized solutions:

Develop unique combinations of PVDC and other materials that balance performance with cost. Provide personalized film products according to the specific needs of customers to meet specific packaging requirements.

Advanced production equipment and R & D process optimization:

Continuous research and development investment and technical improvement is our core, the use of efficient and high-precision production equipment, constantly optimize the production process, improve the consistency of production efficiency and product quality, in order to adapt to market changes and new application requirements.

Strict quality control system:

From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, strict quality testing and monitoring is implemented to ensure high quality and stability of products.

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Committed to providing environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient preservation solutions
Pvdc composite film, with high barrier, preservation, safety and other advantages, easy to process into Pvdc composite packaging bags. It is suitable for industries with high requirements for barrier, freshness and moisture resistance of packaging.
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